dimanche 15 octobre 2017


While they have the same age as the traditional songstress Hajime Chitose, among others, it is through another style, more rock, but still as melodious and deep, that the 4 classmates of Bump Of Chicken (aka BOC) are regularly acclaimed, featured in many anime as well as karaoke or video games !


Heading to the stars

mercredi 11 octobre 2017


S'ils ont le même âge que la chanteuse traditionnelle Hajime Chitose, entre autres (1979, excellente année...), c'est dans un autre style, plus rock, mais tout aussi mélodique et profond que les 4 copains de Bump Of Chicken (alias BOC) s'illustrent très régulièrement, apparaissant dans nombre d'animés, les karaokés ou encore des jeux vidéos.


La tête dans les étoiles

1e publication : 11/10/2017
Dernière MaJ: 15/10/2017

vendredi 6 octobre 2017

Hajime Chitose (元 ちとせ) - Eng

The princess of the Shima uta, a traditional style from the archipelagoes in southern Japan, comes from a small island lost between Okinawa and Kyuushuu; here name: Hajime Chitose. Mastering and surpassing the root frame, she highlighted her birthplace of Amami in the Japanese charts and then through her collaborations with several foreign artists and her participation in events promoting peace.

Hajime Chitose (元 ちとせ)

Peaceful Voice from the Ancient Kingdom

1e publication : 06/10/2017
Dernière MaJ: 07/10/2017

lundi 2 octobre 2017

Sakamoto Ryuichi (坂本 龍一) & YMO- Eng

Militant and unclassifiable artist, Sakamoto Ryuuichi has, like his nearly homonym Sakamoto Kyû, reached an internationale fame, in the 80s for him, in part thanks to the famous Yellow Magic Orchestra with Hosono and Takahashi. But the main reason may probably be that this Japanese pioneer of electronic music, easy in classical too, signed some of the greatest soundtracks of the... occidental cinema ! 

Sakamoto Ryûichi (坂本 龍一)

And the Yellow Magic Orchestra

1e publication : 2017/10/02
Dernière MaJ: 2021/01/23