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Dreams Come True (Eng)

It's all in the name of the band, whose career, at least the one of the 2 remaining members, would make dream a lot of artists in the world.

Dreams come true

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Dreams Come True (ドリームズ・カム・トゥルー) alias DCT or DoriKamu (ドリカム) is formed in Tokyo by the encounter of 2 persons in January 1988:
Yoshida Miwa (吉田美和) - JMusic-Hits.comYoshida Miwa (吉田美和), as vocal and text writer. Born in 1965 on Hokkaido island, she married Kawata Juon, singer of Fuzzy Control met during collaborations of the 2 bands. She also released 2 solo albums in parallel (Beauty and Harmony 1 and 2).
Nakamura Masato (中村正人) - JMusic-Hits.com
Nakamura Masato (中村正人), alias Masa, as bassist (6 cords), music composer and leader, which participates too to chorus. Born in 1958 in Tokyo, he married Mâkî, singer of the band High and Mighty Color. He is reknown too for having composed in parallel the soundtrack of the games Sonic 1 and 2 whose track Sweet Sweet Sweet can be heard on the DCT album "The Swinging Star". He presents a weekly music TV show, Live Monster.

For the release of their 1st album in March 1989, a 3rd member officially appears:
Nishikawa Takahiro (西川隆宏) - JMusic-Hits.com
Nishikawa Takahiro (西川隆宏) as keyboard. Born in 1964 on Hokkaido island, he left the band in March 2002 and tries a DJ and club owner career in Tokyo, but encounters some drug troubles. In 2009, he restarts from scratch with the event bar "reboot" in Sapporo, on his home island. He is still in good mood with the band as he organized a special event there in 2015 for their 25th anniversary, while being discretly displayed on the cover of the corresponding best album.
The 2 first met because they played and sang for the same artists. They start with Live House concerts then release their 1st album and 1st single in 1989 with Nishikawa, by Sony.
It's the next year that they encounter a never-ending success, with their 5th single Egao no Yukue / Mirai Yosôzu 2 (笑顔の行方 / 未来予想図 II) which starts at 2nd rank in the weekly +ORICON STYLE. In 1992, the album "The Swinging star" sales over 3 millions (in CD and... tapes still at that time !) and will stay the best selling Japanese album for several years, while in 1995, the single Love Love Love sales over 2 millions !!

Dreams Come True x Time Magazine - JMusic-Hits.comIn 1997, they sign by Virgin in attempt to penetrate the USA, land of inspiration of the band whose tunes at that time are very influenced by soul and jazz, which corresponds perfectly to the voice color of Miwa. Moreover  the year before, they had a first international attention when Miwa made the cover of the Asian edition of +TIME, a rare thing for Japanese artists ! They thus release an English album for that purpose,  "Sing OR die" (in reference to the "philosophy" of their former label according to Masa), but promotion doesn't follow and it a fail. Additionally, Virgin insisted in modifying the band style (musical and on stage), exarcerbing tensions with a Nishikawa who maybe feels as the 3rd wheel of the jinrikisha (rickshaw ^^) and who definitely gives up in 2002.

From that moment on, the remaining duet creates their own independant label, DCT Records. They recenter on Japan, their music gets a little more pop-rock, and success is back. In 2008, they sing for the 9th movie of the very famous anime "One Piece" (Mata ne), and in 2015, they are chosen for the Japanese version of the Pixar movie "Inside out" (Itoshi no Riley). One may note too the collaboration with composer Ôtani Kow (大谷幸), known for City Hunter, Shadow of the Colossus, Ailes grises, Colorful...   for the single Lies Lies in 2010.
In total in 25 years of career, they sold more than 50 millions albums and were invited 15 times to the Kohaku uta gassen, the NHK big show for New year's eve, and were among the very first artists to sold out the National Olympic Stadium. In 2015, for this 25th anniversary, their "super" best album released on the 7th of July, "Watashi no Dorikamu" featuring 50 tracks in 3 CD reached 1st of the Oricon with more than 300 000 sales !! There are already 2 official tribute best albums Watashi to Dorikamu 1 and 2 by very famous artists such as Ikimonogakari, E-girls, Juju...
In 2016, the TV Show Music Station, for its 30th anniversary, realized a poll on 3000 persons to nominate the best love song. On the female vocal side, DCT reached n°1 with their 1995 song, Love Love Love !! Yasashii Kiss wo shite and Mirai Yosouzu II were the 2 other preferred love song of the band.
Except for the departure of Nishikawa, Dorikamu managed to pay and get fidelity of numerous musicians and support singers, starting with the Fuzzy Control members, or the chorist Urashima Rinko (浦嶋 りんこ) with whom Miwa formed a duet since 1995 (Funk the Peanuts).


It's a band which has several talents and explored several music genres; as a consequence, their opus may not be entirely loved by everybody. (Very) Roughly speaking, until 2002, it's closer to nu-soul, even RnB in Virgin era, then more pop-rock. The voice tone of Miwa sticks wonderfully to the first one and managed to keep its quality over 25 years. The songs are generally rather positive, from romantic ballads to "genki", party pop tunes. As they own several J-pop standards, as they were pionners at overseas, and as they are still widely covered by newcomers, they are a must-know J-music band still nowadays.

Similar Artists

- Japan : Misia, JUJU, Hirai Ken... (nu-soul) ; Every Little Thing, Ikimonogakari... (pop-rock)
- World : Whitney Houston, Sade, Patricia Kaas...

Great Standards :

Mirai Yosouzu 2
- Nando demo
- Yasashii kiss wo shite
- Osaka lover

Discography (selection) :

03/1989: 1st album ; includes Kanashii kiss...

11/1989: 2nd album ; includes Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki!, Mirai Yosôzu 2...

The Swinging Star / DREAMS COME TRUE
11/1992: the 3-million-sales album ! Includes The Swinging star, Meganegoshi no sora, Sweet Sweet Sweet (jeu Sonic)...

02/2000: Best of 10 years of career (fans selection); includes most of the cited titles, Egao no Yukue, Love Love Love, Winter song...

Sonic The Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack / Game Music (music by Masato Nakamura (DREAMS COME TRUE))
Game Music (music by Masato Nakamura (DREAMS COME TRUE))
10/2011: Original Soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1-2 games; includes Theme of Sonic, Sweet Sweet Sweet, Sweet Dream...

03/2014: Tribute album for the 25 years of career; includes covers by Ikimonogakari, Juju, E-Girls, Scandal...

07/2015: 2nd Tribute album for the 25 years; includes covers by Daichi Miura, LiSA, Hideaki Tokunaga, Mongol800...

07/2015: Best of 25 years ; includes most of the cited tracks, Osaka Lover, Yasashi kiss wo shite, Nando demo, Mata ne (animation movie One Piece)...

10/2017: inclus Itoshii no Riley (animation movie Inside Head)...


Sources : Official website, Bar "reboot" website, Wikipedia.

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